Corporate Profile
SAR engineering ltd. was established in 1975 as an independent Canadian company and since that time, has become a leader in implementing energy conservation and renewable energy.

Research Studies
Research studies have been performed with a variety of aims, including energy use analysis, building moisture reduction, improvement of air quality, greenhouse gas reduction and resource assessment.

SAR's approach is to identify the requirements for energy use through process, service, or space heating load analysis. Energy auditing procedures are used, and predicted energy requirements compared to actual fuel use as provided by fuel or utility bills. Through on-site measurement or monitoring, details of actual energy use are further identified for hot water, space heating/cooling use, lighting, and other electrical demands. Detailed computer performance simulations are then used to predict energy use and to aid in the determination of the most cost-effective measures to implement.

SAR's capabilities include monitoring of factors such as energy, air and water flows, moisture, carbon dioxide, wind, temperature, and insolation. SAR has used both simple and detailed monitoring of many low energy buildings as a means to further our knowledge of the way these buildings operate. Monitoring and simulation studies have been carried out provincially and nationally on conventional, conserver and passive solar residential buildings, as well as conventional and solar domestic hot water systems.

Data Processing & Database Design
SAR specializes in the analysis of data from measurements to determine client information requirements. Monitored data has been incorporated into several databases to determine individual building performance as well as to measure and predict performance of the Canadian housing stock. Software has been developed to determine housing retrofit costs and benefits, as well as reduction in greenhouse gases.

Ken Cooper
SAR Engineering Ltd.